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Pole barns are the most economical way to safeguard your equipment/assets.
There starting price are much lower than conventional barns, as they do not require a concrete slab to build. 
Our standard pole barns use 3 1/2 oilfield pipe and 2 7/8 oilfield pipe for the trusses. 
We use 26 GA. PBR Panel for roof and wall panels. 
Below are some standard size pole barns and there starting prices.
20 Series.
20'x20'x12'- Starting at $11,500.00
20'x40'x12'- Starting at $16,500.00
20'x60'x12'- Starting at $22,200.00
20'x80'x12'- Starting at $29,500.00
20'x100'x12'- Starting at $35,000.00
30 Series.
30'x40'x12'- Starting at $22,400.00
30'x60'x12'- Starting at $30,600.00
30'x80'x12'- Starting at $37,200.00
30'x100'x12'- Starting at $44,000.00
40 Series
40'x40'x13'- Starting at $27,600.00
40'x60'x13'- Starting at $37,800.00
40'x80'x13'- Starting at $46,100.00
40'x100'x13'- Starting at $54,900.00
Custom sizes also available

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