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Pole Bars/Equipment storage pole barns

Pole Barns are one of the most economical options for storage of equipment and other assets that you may own. Usually enclosed on 3 sides pole barns are cost effective as the don't require a concrete slab like conventional barns. Our standard pole barns use 3 1/2 oilfield pipe as posts set in concrete 5ft deep max (less in solid rock, which in this case we drill a minimum of 2.5 Ft., or 6" into the solid rock once the 2.5 Ft. minimum requirement. All pole barns either use pipe with sucker rod trusses, or wide flange beam. Roof and wall purling's are set no more than 5 Ft. apart.  We use 26 gauge PBR Panel for roof and walls, and add trim components for a professional finish. 

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